What is it?
A fully customized Shopify theme that suits your needs from A to Z in only 8 weeks
What's included?
- A mood board
- A high fidelity design created in Adobe XD
- Landing Page, 3 pages, and 3 modal windows (i.e., pop-up boxes)
- E-Commerce design and blog design
- Responsive Design (Mobile-first Design)
- 30 Days technical support after launch (For more months, check out maintenance packages)
- User guide in a downloadable PDF
- One-on-one Training to use the theme
Plus, you're getting:
- Newsletter design and setup
- Business card design
What are modal windows?
Modal windows are pages that lay on top of your website (i.e., pop-up boxes). They usually expand to fill the whole screen or cover a chunk of your content as a small window. I want you to reserve your pages for what's more important to you, so I offer to add modal windows for some of your content such as privacy policies, sizing guide, shipping & returns policies, and so on, which is still an integral part of your site.

Responsive design vs. Mobile-first design
Since we live in a world where phones are more ubiquitous than desktops, most designers and developers focus on mobile design first. If it works well for mobile, then it'll work for desktops. While this is crucial, I believe responsive design to cover a wide range of devices is equally important. Why? Because, neglecting the percentage of your viewers, albeit small, that uses tablets and smaller laptops affect your numbers slightly. We want to avoid that, hence, I offer responsive design in my packages.

What is technical support or maintenance?
It is merely a way for us to guarantee that your website is running smoothly. Usually 30 days suffice; however, in case you weren't sure and felt the need to have someone to be your beck and call, I'm here for you. Just subscribe to my maintenance services for a few more months or even a year to avoid any potential hiccups.

What does the user guide include and how is the one-on-one training received?
The user guide is similar to a theme's documentation on Shopify. It encompasses everything you need to know about using the website. As for one-on-one training, you receive it over Skype calls. Alternatively, you can opt for a video tutorial instead that lasts you a lifetime.
How to know if this package is right for you?
This package is for marketing experts who cannot bother to spend time creating a professional website for their brand, for established bloggers who want a website that unites their blog and their shop, and for successful businesses that need to revamp their look.​​​​​​​
If you're still unsure about your choice, send me an email, and we'll discuss it for free.​​​​​​​
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